Saturday, February 12, 2011

Loads of Thank YOU'sssssss

Hello Girls,

Hope everyone's doing well and getting geared to spend the valentines with loved ones...Today's post is to thank some lovely buddies I have met during this journey of crafting madness...

Firstly Anita...what should i say about her? friendly, helpful, kind, encouraging, sweet...i can give so many many more words but that seems less...
Sometime ago i had received an order to make 60 thank you notes but due to lack of time wasn't sure if i can finish them...Anita "the angel" turned out from somwhere and completed these Princess themed thank you note cards in just 2days FLAT...can you believe this? a superwoman i must say;-) Thanks buddy...

Then she sent me this lovely card which she had won in some challenge (Pic taken from her blog)

Second Thank you is for Tejal.... This is the Dec ATC she made again to send me as due to some tragedy(which is a long story) i could not get to keep any ATC for Dec theme and she was so sweet enough to make a new one for me...Thank you buddy for all the encouragement...Means a lot...Pic taken from ATC blog...(my ATC has added text of Love Ya on it) Sry the camera is with a cousin so cudnt take a fresh pic

Thirdly for My Jan ATC's to Lucy and Tejal again, since i didnt have to post them to myself hahah lol;) i can easily post the pics on my blog

Lucy's ATC

Tejal's ATC

Once again thank you all girlies, I am really glad i met all of u...

Happy Crafting,


  1. They are all such sweethearts with sweet creations that keeps me hooked up with its uniqueness, for all the time I am here..... Kudos to One & ALL!!!! Hugs)))


  2. hey rachana, thanks a lot but thats very sweet of you. I enjoy crafting and this has brought me closer to many new friends and one of them is you. I love talking to you and yes anything for you anytime!

  3. Gr8 to have such wonderful relations...This blog world rocks!!

  4. thats so nice of the ppl in blogging world!!this relationship is wonderful!

  5. Anita is literally the angel..60 in two days..i would take 60 days to make 2!!
    I'm glad you enjoyed the ATC..not fair that you didn't get to keep any!!
    we make loads of friends but ones that stand through for you..never let them go!!

  6. Wow great relationship n beautiful creations too.

  7. Oh wow! What lovelies to receive in the mail! :) Bloggy buddies are the best!