Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best work of 2010 and Tagged for 4!!!


Our fellow blogger Kavitha has an event of posting the Best Work of 2010...This I must say is a difficult choice to make since i am a self proclaimed appreciator of my own art Lol;-)I must say over this year i have tried to make and learn different things with different techniques and have enjoyed the process...

My favorite work would be the digi layout i made for my DH...this was special cos it was my first attempt at any layout and we completed 3 yrs of togetherness...

I also have a close favorite which again was made for my DH for Valentines Day...I guess he gets out the best in me;-)

Also Mansi has Tagged me to do the list of fours, Its a fun way to know fellow bloggers a lil better.

Four shows that I watch
Big Boss
Jhalak dikhla ja
Tarak Mehta ka Oolta Chashma
Dance India Dance (Coming Soon)

Four thing you are passionate about
EVERYTHING!!! i love everything about my life

4 words/phrases you say a lot
Oh Please
Thank God

4 things you've learned about the past
Learn to be Patient
Always believe u can do it
Smile always
Help as much as u can

4 places you would like to go

4 things you did yesterday
Went to Office
Saw TMK (its pathetic)
Went shopping for Home furnishings
Made a birthday card

4 things you are looking forward to
Getting my parcel of crafting goodies i ordered
Enjoy 31st party with my friends
Having a great year Ahead
My Bro's work placement

Tag 4 people to play along
Tis has been passed to a lot of friends already so anyone whos left out pls feel free to tag be very happy...

Wishing you all a great new year ahead...

Happy Crafting,

Monday, December 20, 2010

An End to a lovely Journey

Hello Girls,

Today I am about to share a part of my life that is unknown to a lot of my crafting friends...Not many are aware that i am also very passionate about dancing and i take classes for kids on weekends...Below are pics of the last christmas party as well as farewell party i conducted for the kids this saturday..Farewell why? that cos from Jan onwards i am on an office project to work on even Saturdays and hence that would not leave me with any time to take classes ;-( this made me very sad as most of these kids have been with me over the past 1.5 to 2 yrs and theres been like an attachment with them...I have had the most fun moments being with them...I really m gonna miss them loads loads...

We had a lot of fun in the party with a friend of mine agreeing to volunteer to make the kids play...Played games, puppet shows and finally comes the painful separation with them saying a goodbye...This journey is the one i am gonna cherish for the rest of my life...(The last 3 pics are me with the kids)


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanks a ton!!!

Hello Girls,

Two special reasons for this post today

1) Birthday card from Sudha Kalra...
Love the way the cupcake is done sudha...Thanks a lot for ur good wishes.

2) Recieved my 2nd award from Anita...A big thank you..

The three things that make me different are:
* I am crazy, at times i may spend weeks doing the same thing and at times i may not even look at it!
* I have a habit of keeping myself occupied all the time ( i even talk wen im sleeping hubby complaints at times heheeh)!
* I love being around kids they give me great innocent vibes which make my day

I am passing this award to:
Frankly im not sure how many have already recieved this award still id name:
Mansi (
Sudha (
Kavitha (
Priya (
Tejal (