Thursday, March 3, 2011

Secret Sweetheart Swap and Valentines Card

Hello Everyone,

So its already March now. 2months of 2011 are over..OMG time is moving so so fast….

First the amazing goodies I received for the secret sweetheart swap from Anita…I just love the way she has done up the box…so pretty though it got a lil mashed in transit but that's fine…And she sent me a lovely punch craft card and tons of lovely goodies like notecards, tags…I am so glad to participate in this lovely swap…Thanks Asha and Tejal for this fab idea…

The below is a pic of goodies I sent to Shraddha I was her secret sweetheart..I sent her PP’s, ribbons, buttons, die cuts etc…

(Pic taken from shraddha’s blog as I didn't take a pic)

Secondly My Valentines Card…This is CASED from Tejal’s card… I had made it for my DH for valentines but posting it now…Though I love the way she did her card more than mine;-)…thanks for encouraging me buddy to do this card..Quite a few new things I did in this card, yeah I finally did stitching on my card and im so happy the way it looks, my new possession Scor buddy makes its debut with this card, the blue background lines are scored to the grid box effect…Hope you like it..

Happy Crafting,