Sunday, January 16, 2011

1st Project of 2011

Hello everyone,

Hope you all had a great start to the new year...I know im posting after quite a long break of 2 weeks but i have been keeping an eye on everyone's blog to see all the lovely things my crafting buddies come up with...

Sorry this post is a bit long with lots of pics ( i hope u guys have so much time to read thru;-)

My start to the new year has been with doing something very different..This time i have done a school project..The topic being water transport...i recieved a request and i thought of giving it a try...I spent good 10 days to do all this...But at the end i was really very happy with the way it turned out...It took me back to my school days of making projects (difference being they were much simpler lol;-)



Hover craft


Final 4

Have tried at upcycling few things like plastic bottle for submarine, plastic brrom sticks, icecream sticks for ship, handmade wedding invite paper for shikara, different sizes of match box for hovercraft...Hope you like these..

P.S: Its our 1ST BLOG ANNIVERSARY at crazyaboutatcs...We hope you all can participate...we also have lovely prizes...Do have a look at the blog for details...

Happy Crafting,



  1. Hey awesome, very creative, well executed. I like the all.

  2. Awesome work Rachana! Love the upcycling and the creativity! :)

  3. Hello!! Nice to find another Indian blogger :) So glad you dropped by and now I know of your blog. These are really brilliant projects. I too am in the middle of creating a birdhouse!

  4. Brilliant up cycled projects in display.... Very adorable stuffs.... Hugs)))


  5. These projects look like a lot of work Rachana!! Awesome for giving it a try and executing it so well!!

  6. much of work...but totally worth it..makes me wonder..we used to make each and every project ourselves..what happened to the kids these days??
    super upcycling btw!!

  7. well worth the hardwork and it really shows in the projects!.. super cool work and kudos to you

  8. this is fabulous,looks like lottt of work:))

  9. Thanku dear for ur sweet comment on my blog.

  10. What a wonderful project! It does look like a hard "worked" one... I love the hovercraft! Very ingenious :)

  11. WOW! Good the submarine...bottles and straws!!!

  12. OMG such an amazing AMOUNT OF hardwork and def worth it.would love to become a follower kindly guide me how to.Look forward to seeing your projects

  13. Wow! those are awesome projects!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  14. Hi Rachana. I am trying to compile a list of craft material supply shops in India. Do drop in to my blog and leave a comment on your favourite haunts. Also I notice you have a craft lounge for cuttlebug stuff. In case you sell such stuff do leave your link so that we Indian crafters can all make use of the oopurtunities to get much needed craft supplies!