Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Finally a New post

Finally Finally Finally….Thank god I have finally been able to sit down and post…I hope all my crafting queens from the blog-o-land are doing fine and budding with crazy ideas…

I had a loads of things going on (know it sounds like excuses;-(….)loads of personal functions to attend, crazy Mumbai rains, office work pressure as always…one little soul how much can I handle everything alone;-) so after all of it I ended up falling sick with loads n loads of cough n cold…took few days rest from work just slept like a log and now I am back on my feet…

Today really very Happy for a couple of things…..

a)A quick card to share with everyone…made this for my friends babies bday…he turned 4 years old and crazy after Ben 10…didn't have a Ben 10 sticker so ended up using Ben 10 colors…the kiddo just freaked seeing the card and it made my day;-)….

b)A close friend started up with her dream venture(was planning this since years I am so happy that I could see her dream turn into reality)…

c)Received a lovely bag of goodies from Anita for the blog candy that I won…OMG…the things she sent are lovely….I am so excited to use all of them…

d)Hubby was off town for work trip since the past few weeks so was really missing him a lot…finally he came back and my god the smile on my face reached my ears;-)..Also me n Hubby complete 3 years of togetherness tomorrow 12th August since the time we started dating (I know sounds very kiddish) so am planning a little surprise for him tomorrow;-)have tried a digital layout for him but dont know how to put it up here...its in a pdf format...

So all n all a lovely day…

Hope all of you are doing great…Would like to congratulate Jaya for the lovely challenge blog she has started…Also thanks to everyone for showing lovely enthusiasm for the ATC swaps…Me and Shalini are really happy to receive great response on a continuous basis…Please do let us know of any particular ideas you talented girls would have that would help us make our swaps better…! I shall try post more regularly…Thanks a ton for stopping by and reading my long list of things…

Happy Crafting,

Loads of Love,



  1. Welcome back!.. I'm soo happy to see you here@! :)
    Looove the card!.. yummy stuff!~.. and happy anniversary!!.. :)

  2. Welcoem back Rachana! You came with a bang wih exciting news. Very happy anniversary! Enjoy the day. Waiting to see more posts from you :)

  3. so so happy to see you back here :) welcome back buddy!!!

  4. Great to read your write up..... Hope to c u in action.... & a warm welcome.... God Bless.... :)


  5. Welcome back Rachana!! Hope to see more creations from you! :)

  6. thanks for the warm welcome...feels so good...