Thursday, October 29, 2009

Specially for Spardha (Pigment Inks)

Hey spardha...these are few colors samples that i have for you to see....The inks come in 3 tyoes of packs
1) 3 colors together - Rs 150 each
Pic shows i have 3 sets like these

2) Those candy type sticks 2 colors - Rs 30 each mostly
2 colors in one stick

3)Single colors - price dont know will need to find out but my guess is mwhr around 50 -70 each

Personal sugeestions budget wise the sticks are better..Utility wise single colors are better...the 3 set packs though good but becomes difficult to work with if the stamp size is large and chances of color overlap are high...

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  1. thanks soo much rachana!.. ur soo helpfull.. will be contacting u shortly!..