Thursday, October 29, 2009

Photo Frame

Hey.. i made this photo frame a while ago for my brother in laws anniversary...I was very happy with the way it turned out...

Materials Used: Crackle medium from pidlite, plain wooden frame,black and white acrylic colors,shilpkar to make alphabets from hobby ideas and painted with red color, and some red embelishments...


  1. hey rachna....
    wht is shilpkar to make alphabets???? and can u tell me where will i find craft punches in mumbai. i want basic squares and circles in 1-2 inches???

  2. hey nikita...this is shilpkar is like white clay(m-seal)from hobby ideas...u need to mix equal proportions of white n grey clay in the pack and then roll it or make anything u air dries n becomes hard ...n then u can color it with dfrnt bewars its very delicate after dryng so easily breakable...u cud try any local craft stores go to crawfor market premsons...they have loads of u from mumbai?? can u tell me where do u buy ur basic carstock from i want thicker material ones...currently using tinted sheets of A4 size but nt very happy with the thickness...also any stores to get patterned papers in mumbai...hope to hear soon from u...cya

  3. no rachna i m from nagpur.... i was thinking of getting few stuff from mumbai and i basically wanted basic circle and square punches but cudnt find them..... do u know any shop where i can get craft punches in Mumbai?
    As plain basic card stock i use tinted sheet with some thickness (tinted sheets are available in variety of thickness), and for pattern paper i sometimes use wrapping sheets with some thickness in them, and handmade paper and on whtever i can lay my hands on.....

  4. This is lovely Rachana. I have a little something for you on my check it out.