Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Introducing Fabric Tapes, Cotton Lace Tapes and New stock of Washi Tapes on Pre-Order;-)

Hello Friends,

Hope you all are doing well...Firstly would like to thank everyone for the fabulous response to the earlier pre-order of Washi Tapes. This time I am introducing few more lovely products for your daily crafting use...

1) I am glad to introduce to you Fabric Tapes...These tapes as the name suggests are made from Fabric and are self adhesive...You can use them for decor, card making etc etc..Please find below a quick glimpse of the tapes as well as few ideas taken from the web on the uses of the fabric tape

2) I am also pleased to introduce to you Cotton Lace Tapes These are self adhesive too.. Glimpse of sample tapes

3)I am now stocking new designs of Washi Tapes...More than 50 new designs of various sizes available....

Quick glimpse of the new tapes

All these new tapes (Fabric, Cotton Lace and Washi) are available on pre-orders only...Pre-order begins from "Today till 23rd July only".. Special Introductory prices for all the tapes only during the preorder period..Email me on for the catalogue and price details

Also special offer for all my crafty crops “Buy total of 15 or more tapes at a time and Get 5% discount”…haven’t I motivated you enough;-) So Hurry...

Loads of Love
Happy Crafting


  1. can you please mail me the catalogue at

  2. wow..i am just dying to get those measuring tape..please can you mail me the catalogue to

  3. plz mail me the catalouge & price it ll be to make orders....

    Plz stop word verification so that one could comment easily....thanks.!!

  4. plzz mail me d catalougue and price list... i want to order some of them

  5. Hey, these are gorgeous! Please send me the catalogue and the price list.

  6. I actually have some of these tapes, but I'm looking to expand my collection! (They're so cute!)

    Could you email me the catalogue and price list to

    Thanks! :)

  7. I know I m very late in ordering but do you have any fabric tape left? any washi tape? if yu do then plz mail me the catalogue

  8. Hey Hi, Even i am very late too to order but do you have washi tapes? please let me know....

  9. Hey, how do i get in touch with you? the Contact Me button on your blog doesnt work!

  10. hey.. i liked the laces n fabric tapes!! plz tel the prices

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  13. They are so cute!i just got one from a shop here..n they are out of stock now...pls mail me the catalogue and the pricing to

  14. Hello,

    Can u please mail ur catalogue to as I am very interested to buy the fabric and washi tapes :)

    Thanks alot.