Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanks a ton!!!

Hello Girls,

Two special reasons for this post today

1) Birthday card from Sudha Kalra...
Love the way the cupcake is done sudha...Thanks a lot for ur good wishes.

2) Recieved my 2nd award from Anita...A big thank you..

The three things that make me different are:
* I am crazy, at times i may spend weeks doing the same thing and at times i may not even look at it!
* I have a habit of keeping myself occupied all the time ( i even talk wen im sleeping hubby complaints at times heheeh)!
* I love being around kids they give me great innocent vibes which make my day

I am passing this award to:
Frankly im not sure how many have already recieved this award still id name:
Mansi (
Sudha (
Kavitha (
Priya (
Tejal (



  1. thanx a lot gal!!you rock....thats my first one..thanx

  2. Thats a lovely card from sudha,and thanks a lot girl,for the award.

  3. Its beautiful & SWEET!!!!


  4. Congrats on your award! And that's a really lovely RAK from the cupcake! :)